Mamada Institute

Helping young people find work.

Mamada Development Institute was established in 2016 by elders from Melbourne’s South Sudanese community with the support of the Victorian Multicultural Commission. Mamada is a focal point for the community and aims to assist and direct community members to training courses, work experience and career pathways, as well as providing information and support for young people looking to work.


Shortly after the organisation was established, Mamada’s leadership team came to Community Builder looking for support in creating a digital marketing plan to connect with young people from the community. 

Community Builder empowered the Mamada team to take ownership of their marketing strategy. By putting in place a social media video marketing plan that was cost-effective to produce, Mamada were able to connect with their target demographics on the platforms they are most active. 

Community Builder provided studio access, production resources, social media advertising and community management services, as well as mentoring to Mamada team members who deployed the marketing plan.


In just 12 months, Mamada’s Facebook audience grew to 1,700 people, most of whom are young people in Melbourne from South Sudanese backgrounds. With a large and engaged audience, Mamada now handles 40-50 inbound enquiries from potential students each week. 30 students were placed into training courses in 2017, with 20 going on to paid employment. 





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